Hard Work Pays Off.


When I first started training with Ryan, I was a slow grade 9 who didn't know much about training and the importance of conditioning in sports. Through my time at GAP, Ryan has taught me the importance of training, diet, and other intricacies of conditioning that can take your game to the next level. But perhaps the most important thing that Ryan taught me is how to actually work hard and to put in a solid days work. GAP has not only developed me into a better athlete and football player but it also developed my work ethic and desire to be great. I'm grateful that I have the chance to train with Ryan because the things he's taught me have gotten me places I wouldn't have dreamed of back when I started training. GAP is the place to train if you're a football player who wants to be great.

Sawyer Buettner
Quarterback - Regina Rams

Plastic Seats

I wanted to take this time to thank you for your hard work with my child. I am glad we choose to try GAP when she first decided she wanted to improve herself in track. She was nervous as It was the first time she had worked with a trainer. We weren’t sure how it would go but in the first couple weeks it was evident that not only was Taylor having fun, but she was being challenged, coached and improving. 
She has always been a fierce competitor, and she is finally gaining the confidence needed to compete. Ryan's coaching and encouragement has allowed Taylor to grow as an athlete and young adult. We are so glad we chose Ryan and plan to continue working with him in the future!!



The Selects Football Program has been built on one fundamental, core principle - long term development of athletes. 

Very few are better than Ryan Gottselig at taking those foundational principles to the next level. This guy is the real deal. 

Zeljko Stefanovic 
Director - Saskatchewan Selects Football