Our Team.


A graduate of Peacock Collegiate, Ryan was a 3 time All-Canadian football player with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and draft pick of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Ryan Gottselig recognized the direct link between athletic performance and commitment to proper training. 

It is not just on field expertise that Ryan brings. He also holds degrees in both Kinesiology and Education as well as hold Certification as a Canadian Personal Trainer. 

Ryan Gottselig


A graduate of Peacock collegiate and recent Kinesiology graduate with a focus on high performance athletics, Cam is an integral part of the GAP team. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and currently a Strength & Conditioning coach with the Regina Cougars, Cam is very passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential and remain injury free.

Cameron Ross


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.


A graduate of Central Collegiate, Kahlen has a decorated athletic career with the University of Regina as both a nationally ranked track sprinter and football athlete. He was able to take his collegiate career to the next level, earning recognition with the NFL that ultimately led to a career in the CFL. During his tenure, he gathered hands-on experience from top level strength coaches, ranging from Canadian Olympic trainers, to working with professional football councils.

Kahlen Branning


A recent graduate from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, Tessa joins the team with a very impressive athletic resume. During her career at SFU, Tessa was a 3-time All-Conference Selection as well as an All-American in her Senior season. She then transitioned seamlessly into coaching and recently was a member of the SFU Coaching Staff. 

As a Certified Personal Trainer and with her experience not only coaching but running numerous youth camps and clinics, Tessa is a perfect fit for the GAP team.

Tessa May